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GAINS will be back for 2024-2025!

Ladies of Buchser! Are you interested in hearing about women who have challenged themselves and overcome obstacles to make it in the STEAM world? 

To Our Buchser Community

We are always looking for new and exciting speakers to come and visit our GAINS girls. If you know of any influential women in the workforce, please contact Mrs. Kodi.

What is GAINS?

GAINS stands for Girls Achieving in Non-Traditional Subjects. GAINS runs from 6th grade through 12th grade in most secondary SCUSD schools. 

The program's main goal is to encourage girls interest in math and science careers, as well as to introduce them to careers that they might not normally consider.  

GAINS will meet monthly during 7th/8th grade lunch (6th graders are invited to attend during their 4th period with approval from their teacher).  During these meetings, girls have the opportunity to hear a female speaker from the community talk about the career path she took to get to where she is today. They will learn about the many different careers available out in the world, as well as educational opportunity.  

Attendance is required at scheduled events.  If students cannot attend an event, they need to inform Mrs. Kodi.

GAINS stresses personal responsibility.


Mrs. Kodi 
GAINS Advisor
(408) 423-3110